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Do You Wanna Do Some Business?

Int Lady, approaching the car window, holding a container of curry.

Lady - Do you wanna do some business?

Man - What sort of business?

Lady - Sex.

Man - You're joking - but you've just eaten int'yah?

Lady - No, I'm alright - I'm alright.

Man - But you got curry all around your mouth and that.

Lady licks her lips.

Lady - I'm alright.

Man - I can't be dealing with that.

Lady - Come on babes.

Man - How much is that?

Lady - Dis? (Points to container)

Man - Wha- how much is the food?

Lady - Five pounds.

Man - Is that what you're selling, the food?

Lady - No, I'm selling business.

Man - Noo... I'm not looking for business.

Man - I'll buy some of the food

Lady - Come on then.

Lady leans her container and arm into the car, Man raises window.

Man - No - I don- What is it?

Lady - Curry goat and rice.

Man - Naah... But how much- It's 2.50 then that's half price init

Lady - Alright then.

Man - So how much- have you eaten more than half?

Lady - Yeah.

Man - Well that's cheaper then init

A brief pause between the two...

Lady - Spare some cash please sir?

Man - Cash? Not really... I can't spare it no.

Lady - Wanna do some business?

Man - Not really, not after you've eaten that.

Lady - Awh come on babes.

Man - Nah, not really- it's a bit fiery init.

Lady - Naah babes.

Man - No, I'll call you though. I'm alright.

Lady gives a disappointed sigh, walking away from the car window.

Ext Lady.