eworlds Finest: Hai 21|44|11 [CHAT] Stacei: miss diana 21|44|12 [CHAT] Aidandwy9: Hey 21|44|46 [CHAT] Aidandwy9: This is a beautiful place 21|44|50 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: It is 21|44|53 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: BODY ROLLS 21|44|58 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: BODY ROLLS 21|45|01 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: HIGH KICK 21|45|03 [CHAT] YourAverageBlogger: LoRd 21|45|05 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: HIGH KICK 21|45|11 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: THIS IS HOW WE DO ITY 21|45|12 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: YA 21|45|31 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: lana del rey 21|45|32 [CHAT] Aidandwy9: Lol is this gonna have staff 21|45|40 [CHAT] YourAverageBlogger: We are staff 21|45|42 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: Ya imma chat mod 21|45|50 [CHAT] Aidandwy9: Oh 21|46|00 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: I guess I AM Homeworlds Finest Chat Mod 21|46|10 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: bad joke 21|46|15 [CHAT] Aidandwy9: Eh 21|46|25 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: We even have a bot 21|47|03 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: I HAVE 21|47|05 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: A 21|47|06 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: MEME 21|47|12 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: Wut 21|47|13 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: MEMING IT SNOW 21|47|16 [CHAT] YourAverageBlogger: PLS SHARE 21|47|20 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: Squid Kid? 21|48|56 [PART] Homeworlds Finest has left the chat! 21|49|54 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: 21|50|03 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: 21|50|04 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: whoops 21|51|32 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: mem 21|51|33 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: e 21|51|52 [CHAT] YourAverageBlogger: Imm a cr y 21|52|29 [CHAT] Stacei: YELLABAMA 21|54|34 [JOIN] Homeworlds Finest has joined the chat! 21|54|41 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: HAI 21|54|43 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: OML 21|54|46 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: BODY ROLL 21|54|49 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: BODY ROLL 21|54|54 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: HIGH KICK 21|54|59 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: HIGH KICK 21|55|03 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: are u lana del rey? 21|55|19 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: uR NEVER LANDA DEL REY 21|55|50 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: Ive got tHAT SUMMER tIMe SaDNeSSSS 21|56|12 [CHAT] Homeworlds Finest: Oh.. OWOWOOH 21|57|33 [CHAT] Stacei: lana yell rey 21|57|42 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: 21|57|44 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: WATCH THIS 21|57|45 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: I SNORTED 21|57|46 [CHAT] CrystalMomSquad: SO LOUD 21|57|47 [PART] Homeworlds Finest has left the chat! 21|58|12 [PART] Stacei has left the chat! 21|58|26 [NOTE] YourAverageBlogger is now away! 21|58|34 [NOTE] YourAverageBlogger is no longer away! 21|59|00 [CHAT] YourAverageBlogger: Nothing can beat that michigan thing 21|59|01 [CHAT] YourAverageBlogger: Ever. 22|02|17 [JOIN] YourAverageBlogger has joined the chat! </pre>

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